Demand Driven Leader course (DDL)

Demand Driven Leader course (DDL)

Official DDMRP certification training

Demand Driven Leader (DDL)

Certified Program Demand Driven Leader™ shows how to develop, implement and maintain a Demand Driven Operating Model and its interaction with Demand Driven S&OP.

The Program was designed by Carol Ptak and Chad Smith, Partners of the Demand Driven Institute (DDI), one of the most respected organizations in SCM.

Carol Ptak is a partner with the DDI. A leading authority in the use of ERP and Supply Chain tools to drive improved bottom-line performance, Ms. Ptak’s expertise is well-grounded in four decades of practical experience as a successful practitioner, consultant and educator in manufacturing operations. 

Ms. Ptak is certified through APICS at the fellow level (CFPIM) and was certified in Integrated Resource Management (CIRM) with the first group internationally. She was the President and CEO of APICS, The Educational Society for Resource Management for the year 2000. 

Chad Smith is Co-founder and Partner at the Demand Driven Institute, the global authority in Demand Driven education, training, certification, and compliance. A certified expert in all disciplines of the Theory of Constraints.   

Before DDI, Chad Co-founded Constraints Management Group (CMG), a services and technology company specializing in demand driven manufacturing, materials, and project management systems. 

Speaker of Program: Sviatoslav Oliinyk. Co-founder of Representative office of Demand Driven Institute in CIS region, business trainer and supply chain management consultant at ABM Cloud. Experienced in business process re-engineering, project management using Lean, 6 Sigma and TOC in retail, distribution and production. Certified expert in Innovative Solutions for Supply Chain optimization, specialized in DDMRP methodology education and implementation. 

The date and time of corporate training are agreed upon between the trainer and client*


15 hours of training

Participation is paid

Average results from DDMRP implementation:

Service level growth 99%
Stocks reduction 40%
Lead-time reduction of 50%
Additional costs reduction of 50%
Sales increase 20%

В течении курса вы узнаете:

  • Set the motion vector of the project
  • Manage the setting of tasks
  • Improve the model
  • Form a strategic vision and company development initiatives


  • Design a Demand Driven Operating Model
  • Manage control points: stock, time and capacity buffers


  • Find opportunities within the operating model that allow you to maximize ROI in the short and medium-term, as well as evaluate and adjust strategic decisions
  • Manage the operational and strategic cycles of your company’s adaptation to an ever-changing environment for sustainable competitive advantage



Module 1

The challenges in our current organizations 

  • Increasing complexity
  • The challenge for managers
  • Flow as an end in itself
  • Variability and its impact on the FLUX
  • Relevant information for decision making
  • Information distortions


Module 2

A new business model is needed

  • Relevant Ranges in a Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise
  • Flow-based operating model
  • Flow Metrics
  • Tactical Reconciliation


Module 3

Demand Driven Operating Model

  • Real Demand-Based Demand Planning (DDMRP)
  • Design of the production schedule based on real and demand alerts to ensure that the schedule is met


Module 4

Flow-Based Metrics

  • A set of metrics to achieve flow consistency at the operational, strategic, and tactical management level
  • Operational reliability
  • Operational stability
  • Operating speed


Module 5

Planning sales and operations based on real demand, DDS&OP:

  • Tactical setup and coordination
  • Tactical review
  • Tactical projection
  • Tactical exploitation
  • Policy recommendation
  • Adaptive planning of sales and operations. Adaptive S&OP


Module 6

Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise Model Development Path:

  • The path of transformation of the company into a Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise (DDAE)
  • From stage 1 to stage 2
  • Features of Integrated Adaptive Systems (CAS) and the DDAE model
  • Program results


After training you'll receive:

Participants can pass the exam and become the owner of the DDL ™ certificate, which is recognized worldwide in supply chain management. The exam is optional and is not included in the cost

The Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise is a book that reveals a new management structure based on common sense. The book will answer the question: How to thrive in the VUCA unstable world?

Demand Driven Performance is a book where the authors present a demand-driven plan and metrics to maximize flow and ROI

Ability to apply knowledge

without additional software: calculations can be made in Excel, 1C, etc.

The DDL program will be useful:

Owners of the companies

CEOs, top managers

Heads of planning, logistics, procurement, and production departments

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