Demand Driven Eastern Europe conference

Demand Driven Eastern Europe conference

Conference for manufacturers and distributors

The Demand Driven Eastern Europe conference took place on November 11-12, 2021. Speakers from the USA, France, Ukraine and other countries spoke at the conference and shared their experience in the Supply Chain Management. We have kept records. Happy viewing!

Adaptive S&OP – aligning operations, tactics and strategy to the demands of the VUCA world

Speaker: Carol Ptak is a partner with the Demand Driven Institute. A leading authority in the use of ERP and Supply Chain tools to drive improved bottom-line performance, Ms. Ptak’s expertise is well-grounded in four decades of practical experience as a successful practitioner, consultant, and educator in manufacturing operations.

You will learn:
  • What is the difference between the levels of management: operational, tactical, strategic?
  • How to build a sustainable and adaptive Enterprise in a VUCA world?
  • Presentation of the DDMRP book

*Recording in the original language – English

DDMRP: from Lean Supply Chain to Agile Supply Chain

Speaker: Valeri CARRASCO – Global Planning Manager, METTLER-TOLEDO

You will learn:
  • When the extensive practice of Lean and the maturity of a global supply chain is no longer enough to manage the new VUCA challenges!
  • Faced with a chronic shortage of components, simultaneously implement DDMRP on 15 sites, in Distribution, Production, and Appros.
  • Successfully deploying DDMRP in Europe, the US and China in a few months, thanks to a small project team that keeps up the pace.
  • Start from a centralized Blue Print and rely on global collaboration, making it simple for each site to take ownership of the Transformation.
  • Digitize the global pull flow, increase its dynamics and resilience in a context of transportation disruption.
  • Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise, beyond Agility.

*Recording in the original language – English

A Fresh Approach to Sales and Operations Planning

Speaker: Erik Bush – СЕО of Demand Driven Technologies company, USA. Before joining DDTech, he served as Vice President of IBM.

  • Throughout the manufacturing and distribution industries, companies have found the traditional approach to S&OP challenging to implement since it requires a robust management system and substantial organizational commitment to achieve results. Many companies have abandoned their S&OP process as they find the effort to align demand, supply, and capacity plans are undermined by changing market conditions and forecast variance.
  • Demand Driven S&OP (DDS&OP) focuses on building a business model driven by increased flexibility and adaptability providing an approach to S&OP which reduces S&OP workload while yielding improved results. DDS&OP prioritizes exception management and responsiveness which focuses management on business priorities.

How to create a fast and reliable supply chain in the face of uncertainty?

Speaker: Sviatoslav Oliinyk – CEO of Intuiflow, ABM Cloud company.

You will learn:
  • What changes in the industry led to a deterioration in the results of the classical approach?
  • What’s wrong with the turnover and inventory that everyone is so used to? More importantly, what is the alternative?
  • Why the improvement of linear systems does not work?
  • How to build a reliable and non-linear control system that is understandable to everyone in the company?
  • What is Demand Driven and what results does it give?

Optimization of inventory management in production. Fast Pack case study

Speaker: Irina Yurchenko – Head of Procurement department, Fast Pack company

  • What are the criteria for choosing inventory management software for a modern manufacturer?
  • How to work with an operating model in which the number of unique SKUs is 10,000, and the Lead-time is more than 200 days?
  • How much resources and time do you need to transform inventory management?
  • How to reconcile the fixed assets of a business with changes in demand?
  • Economic effects from the introduction of DDMRP

Demand Driven Scheduling and Execution

Speaker: Bernard Milian – Director of Demand Driven Technologies company in European countries.

  • Leveraging the best practices from Lean and Theory of Constraints, the Demand Driven Scheduling and Execution process enables a real-time alignment of the manufacturing priorities with the actual customer demand.
  • Through digitalized pull flow shopfloor activities are orchestrated to enable a dependable on-time delivery to committed dates, in make-to-order, make stock, or hybrid environments.

Inventory Management Transformation: Yuko Lubricants case study

Speakers: Dmitriy Vasiliev – CFO, Yukoil company
Vitaliy Vasiliev – Deputy Financial Director, Yukoil company

  • Features in inventory management in the production of lubricants
  • High seasonality: will it hinder the transformation in inventory management?
  • DDMRP: how has the methodology affected the supply chain model?
  • Scaling DDMRP for distribution: results

Artificial Intelligence and DDMRP

Speaker: Bradley Mitchler – Vice President of Partnerships and Software Development at Demand Driven Technologies. Expert in supply chain management.

  • Learn how DDMRP is about to take supply chain planning to the next level. By coupling proven Demand-Driven methods with artificial intelligence/machine learning, planners can intelligently adjust buffer settings, remove cumbersome need to master complex algorithms, and see faster time to value! Agility made intuitive.

*Recording in the original language – English

Panel discussion: Resilient supply chain in a turbulent environment

Speakers: Carol Ptak – author of the DDMRP methodology
Erik Bush – CEO of Demand Driven Technologies
Alexander Kaigorodov is the leader of the S&OP process. Industrial Logistics Manager at CJSC Ferrero
Margarita Romanova – SC Lead, 13 years on the boards of directors of international FMCG, Hi-Tech, and Pharma companies in the region of Eastern Europe and the Middle East, Founder of

Let’s discuss:
  • Where is the key potential for growth in 2022?
  • What to focus on in logistics: automation or optimization?
  • What KPIs to track in supply chains?

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