Beer game

Beer game



Beer game is an interactive game in which participants (from 6 to 12 people) manage the company’s stocks online.

The first game is about inventory management using the classic model, which is currently used by 90% of companies. The second game is about order generation and supply chain management using the DDMRP method.

The main task in the game is to satisfy the consumer’s demand as much as possible while having optimal stock levels.

The interactive ends with small talk: the host demonstrates the results of 2 simulation games. There are no winners or losers, the participants only compare the indicators obtained after each of the games, and make conclusions – which of the 2 methods they would trust stocks in real life.

Beer Game is developed by Agilea and Demand Driven Institute.

The game will be useful for:

Head of Supply Chain department, TOP management of companies

Production directors of companies

Logistics, Procurement, Planning and Production Managers

More about Beer Game:

The first game: we manage stocks according to classical methods

Each participant will be assigned a role in the supply chain: manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler or retailer. Depending on their role, the member is responsible for: inventory management, shipment of orders to customers, and sending and receiving orders from suppliers.

Second game: managing stocks using the DDMRP method

Each player will also be assigned a role in the supply chain: manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler or retailer. During the second game, players will have a buffer to manage inventory, and management will be carried out according to the current demand.

Game details

Online in Zoom

Monday to Friday, at your convenience

Playing in a group of 6-12 people

The game requires 6 roles. Participation of both 6 people and 12 (if in pairs) is possible

Cost of the game: 990 euros for a company (from 6 to 12 people)

Or 200 euros for 1 participant


Overview of the DDMRP approach

1 hour

Game based on the classic model

45 minutes

Game based on DDMRP methodology

45 minutes

Discussion of results, follow up

30 minutes

To pre-register for Beer Game: