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Quick response to demand

Protect bottlenecks in the supply chain

Increasing the supply chain reliability


Routine Automation

Fast Decision Making

Focus on Variance, Not Prediction

DDMRP is a methodology for planning, modeling and supply chain management

Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) is an innovative supply chain modeling, planning, and management methodology for protecting and ensuring the information and materials flow.

The model leverages the best of MRP, DRP, Lean, Theory of Constraints, and Six Sigma to provide a new method to model, plan, execute and manage your supply chains that are more relevant today.

For years, supply chain managers have struggled with a major controversy within the system – how to strike a balance between two indicators:

  • inventory levels optimization
  • the service level increasing

The conflict is that the higher the service level, the more inventory we need to keep. But the more inventory we keep, the more working capital we have frozen, and this lead to an ROI decrease.

So, in search of a balance, the logisticians spend a lot of effort, either increasing inventory to improve the service level or reducing inventory levels to free up finances.

The main task of DDMRP is to optimize stocks and increase the service level at the same time, while the methodology allows you to reduce the dependence of production planning on forecasting.

This method was developed by the Demand Driven Institute and is now approved by ASCM/APICS.

Stock reduction by 40%

Sales growth from 20%

Service level increasing up to 99%

DDMRP methodology workshop (3 days)

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Planning and inventory management in production and distribution

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